Gothic Lace Necklace/Choker


Gothic Lace is made with Swarovski crystal and crystal pearls woven with Japanese seed beads. It features a crystal heart woven with Swarovski crystal with a metal chain tassel.

This choker has been exhibited in the Bead Expo in Melbourne in 2015.


A choker that is both rich and decadent is an essential iteLuisa Gothic Lacem in a Gothic themed wardrobe.

Gothic LaceĀ is made with Swarovski crystal pearls and crystal and woven together using Japanese seed beads. It has a woven Swarovski crystal heart in the centre with a dark chain tassel. Some components of the necklace have been inspired by Mabeline Gidez. It measures 20 inches or 30 cms without the pendant.

Gothic Lace choker has been exhibited in the Bead Expo Melbourne in 2015.