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Yafa Petal Earrings

Yafa Petal EarringsHere is my version of Yafa Petal earrings designed by Penny Dixon.

This design is so festive. The flower petals at the end reminds me of breeze fluttering through fragrant rose petals in a summer’s day. I would certainly wear this time and again and its colours are just up my alley.

Incidentally, the petals are Czech beads purchased from

Bead Expo 2012

Bead Expo 2012_1 Bead_Expo 2012_2











It is great that the Bead Society of Victoria have published books for the Bead Expo to showcase the members’ work. Here is my Peach Cellini Spiral beaded necklace being published.

Bead Expo Showcase 2013

Bead Expo 2013_1It is great that the Bead Society of Victoria has published books to showcase their members original designs. It was a nice surprise to see my necklaces being published- Victorian Lace Collar and Peach Blossom Necklace in 2o13.

Margaret Mueller’s necklace Gatsby won the award and featured in the cover.

Bead Expo 2013_2

Kumihimo Necklace and Earrings

Sky Necklace and EarringsHappy to have completed the Kumihimo necklace and earrings. The bead caps at the end of the Kumihimo braid and covering the blue crystal in the earrings are inspired by a design by Mabeline Gidez. The blues remind my of Sky and Sea and I am naming it Skye.

Kumihimo Braid

Blue KumihimoThis is my foray into Kumihimo weaving. Cord was not long enough and it took a lot of beads. Trick is not to tangle the yarn. I am now starting on a pink necklace. Love learning new techniques.

Bellevue Project-Oaks Day

I am pleased to announce that I will be donating several jewellery items for the Oaks Day Project for Monash Children’s Hospital. Please buy a ticket for the raffle to contribute to this worthy cause.

Their Facebook page shows the jewellery items that will be auctioned off:



Palm Fronds on the Beach

Palm fronds on the beach (set)Well, I am really pleased that I have completed my triple spiral necklace with detachable pendant and earrings. I am calling it Palm Fronds on the Beach as it reminds me of early childhood of surf and sand and Casuarina trees in Changi beach, Singapore.



The Bead Show

IMG_0901I had a great time volunteering at the Bead Society of Victoria  (BSV) on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at the Bead Show in the BoxHill Town Hall. It was really interesting talking to fellow beaders and those who want to learn. We are all a kindred spirit.

Check out for further venues.


Oaks Day Project

I must admit that I am excited to know that my Facebook page does work.

As a result, I got invited to donate jewellery items to the Oaks Day Bellevue Project Monash Children’s Hospital for their raffle. Really happy to assist and thank your Jody Allatt for her kind contribution to the event.


Triple Spiral Necklace

Hi Everyone,

Triple SpiralIt’s been ages  since I have been beading as I have been busy with my website. Here is a Triple Spiral taking shape. May make a crystal pendant as well.